Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Hardest Part...

...wasn't what the agent thought it would be.

This one has been hanging about on my desktop since the idea sprang to mind and I slotted the image onto the page. Like all that end up there, I lose the impetus to write them, get lost and confused as the story and plot line I want to go with  and generally get far to frustrated to work on them, which annoyingly enough kills off my creativity making me feel like a useless worthless lump, something that my job does little to help with!
But anyway, I decided that I really must try and get at least this one done, and after it being opened again for a couple of days (but since I spend a lot of time on my computer, my sense of time perception does tend to go a bit screwy) I finally got round to thinking out the start of the plot line fully last night (at about 4am when I woke up) and began to work on it.
Now this was initially intended to be a short caption, ending around the time I mention the whole tights bit, but well, my imagination took off a bit and led me down the Overlady line again. Simply I love writing plots for the dark mistress of my story worlds, mainly because its fun and it allows me to let out thoughts and feelings I can't really do in the real world without ending up in jail or as the most wanted person on the planet! 
So tell me, do you like the Overlady plots as well? Think I need to make them darker? Perhaps expand on the tale of the Overlady herself rather than just the plots others get wrapped up in? What do you think?

So enough of my rambling. See you all next time!


  1. All the agonizing was worth it! Great cap Kara.
    I loved the twist at the end and the escape time lost struggling with the tights. Nice work.

  2. great cap hun, always love your stories hun. :)