Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Great Hike

Just one of those silly ideas that pop into my mind when I look through my images!

Thanks to Ogrenix, Sedra, Miss Simone, Anneonimouse and w8z2x4m for their comments :)


  1. What a really neat event that is, have you any details of the registration for next year's event. I think advertising it on the Haven forum would boost the take up.

  2. Sounds like something a TV Executive would like. Attractive women in scant clothing?

    "New this fall from the Overlady TGN: The Great Hike! TG Hike does what no other reality show does, and does it with Style and Flair! Exotic Location and Increasingly exotic women will captivate you as we delight in their transformation and circumnavigation of both the globe, and gender!

    Starts this fall on OTGN!"