Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Price Of Nobility

Nobility has many costs, but if you know how to make others pay, securing your future into something far brighter is much easier to achieve ;)

Well, my recent caps have been worked to clear out some of the folders of images I have lying about, just to cut down on the somewhat large stock I have on my machines. When I came across this one in the current file I'm clearing, it just screamed out for a caption, what with the slightly pissed off expression of the lady in blue.
I had planned for the story to cut out much sooner, but it kinda grew as I was writing it out, and well I always like the tales where the women/magically altered victim gets their revenge and ends up on top ;)

Thanks to Ambyr and Peter Alexander Vaughn for their comments :)

1 comment:

  1. That king is a fool for thinking he was removing threats by feminizing them. If the Wheel of Time series has taught me anything, its that women are often more powerful than men. Especially since the power they hold is subtler, easier to overlook and dismiss.