Sunday, 8 July 2012

Snapshots Into Something Greater

Undercover jobs are not always as bad as the movies make them out to be.....

The last of the ones I created last night. I might yet be uploading the ones I created today though, you never know ;)

One of the worst things about having my computer stolen was that a lot of files I was working on were deleted as they were on my desktop where the bastards got rid of everything (yet none of my other files strangely enough though thank fuck they didn't!!!). All of these were captions I was slowly working on to get uploaded to here and the Haven, and this picture was on one of them. I've been confused as to if I actually made a cap with this image or not, and its a real pain to have to go through things that I know I've used, ones I'm not sure about and ones that were on the ready yet deleted lot! Still, all my story files still existed so I'm thanking my lucky stars for that one!!

Thanks to chaosbeast for yet another comment! :)

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