Sunday, 1 July 2012

Waiting For Legends

Sometimes the legends wait to be discovered, and sometimes waiting to see what the truth behind them is just doesn't quite cut it!!

Thanks to Sp2000 and Hrdknight for their comments :)


  1. Such legends should be guarded jealously and only revealed to those who are deserving - so come on honey, GIVE!

  2. Excuse me whilst I search to see if there are any local legends around where I live. Aweeeesome! I certainly think her sexiness is now gonna be legendary!

  3. I propose an expedition! Lets see what we know. It's on land, which rules out about half of the world which is covered in water. Its in a forest, so we can skip the deserts. If that photo is accurate, its in a temperate climate. Any other clues? Do the locals speak English? Do we know the hemisphere?