Saturday, 10 May 2014

The Solution

When science fails, the solution to your problems may lie in somewhat older knowledge....

Ran out of prepared captions the other day which was why there was no upload yesterday and I didn't get the chance to work on anything despite work being very very slow and boring. So I'm trying to get a bunch created today for you lot, working through my backlog of half made ones that have been sitting around my desktop all week. Should hopefully get a bunch done so long as my ideas hold out and some cunt on a mobile stops calling my house phone and hanging up as soon as I pick up. I get enough of that kind of shit during my working week let alone on my weekends!!

Thanks to Pusywillow for her comment :) Btw, more the texting series is on the way soon!

1 comment:

  1. Yes, yes, I will have your baby's and breastfeed them while you earn our living and lead our family. You have conquered and chaged me. I happy now. I have changed in body, accept my role and see that is better. Come my love, let me love you, massage you, clean you, lick you, and satisfy/submit to your needs while securing a future for our kind as the breeder and nurturer. Yes, yes, oh, that's it, just like that, you are so good...