Sunday, 25 May 2014

What Goes Around

Fate has a way of returning the favour to those who make things a living hell for others...

Thanks to Ambyr for her comment :)


  1. Smart, as usual... A cap for an image with a larger woman smiling down on a pregnant former male with a smug look of "who is the boss now." " It would have been easier if you had helped me. But now you will struggle with satisfying me, feeding the children maybe earning some money in your few spare hours as a wet nurse, child care worker or maybe my secretary, It might have been different but you always said "those who carry and nurture babies must submit on those who make them. Though always wanted more children and complained I was to selfish to have the babies you wanted. now i have changed my mind and understand how terrible a population crash will, be. So, I am glad we were able to surprise you with the changes that will allow you, in your new, improved, and attractively shaped body to assume a role where you can personally address the issue. So, make dinner and wash your new clothes. Tomorrow I will introduce you at work as my husband who is enthusiastic about his new supporting role in the justice revolution." Well, something like it would be exciting. You seem better a imaging alt future scenes than others that is why I mentioned what more than a few might like to see.

  2. ok I knew mark was going to get it, fun caption though maybe mark well be blessed with twins (snigger)