Thursday, 22 May 2014

Trail Trials

No one ever said that driving cattle to market was an easy thing to do.....

Hey folks, hope you all doing great. First off apologies for not uploading yesterday. I had nothing prepared and the usual attack of writer's block struck me. Hoping that I can work through it, but its a bastard to try and be creative when part of your mind is stopping ideas coming and another is telling you that everything you are working on is shit. Oh well.
Anyways, I've been reading about the history of the American west recently and its pretty fascinating. Kinda shows up how much nonsense Hollywood comes up with when making any movie. Now while I was primarily reading up to get some ideas to progress a steampunk wild west story I'm still trying to work on (more than a year since I started damn it), I decided that perhaps it was time to make a cap about it as well. So I hope you enjoy this one folks!
If you have any period of history you'd like me to have a crack at for making captions, don't forget to stick it in a comment below!

Thanks to Ian for the comment :) Oh and don't worry about having stinging nettles, they are actually really useful as a source of food and medicine (and who says I don't know my herbal medicine stuff? ;) )


  1. Kara, a first rate CAP here. I Like it. >:)

  2. Beautiful, breasts, nipples, aereolas, and a full womb like this would be a perfect
    gift for the rider who mounts me